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Re: Is emsandbox useful anymore?

+++ Hector Oron [2010-03-17 18:35 +0100]:
> Hi Neil,
> 2010/3/17 Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org>:
> >> Anyway I might be missing some bits, but I wanted to suggest about
> >> empbuilder, it makes no sense to me, but an option on Debian's
> >> pbuilder & sbuilder & friends (-a $arch) makes more sense if not
> >> already there.
> >
> > If I could have done that I wouldn't have needed to write empdebuild.
> By that time we did not have the support we have in Debian nowadays. I
> still believe this feature is nice to have and way to go.

> > empdebuild does several things on top of normal pbuilder code:
> >
> > 1. installs cross-building toolchains for the requested arch
> > 2. installs emdebian-tools inside the chroot
> > (these first two steps can now be done by multistrap)
> Not an issue anymore, also think in an hipotetical Debian cross
> toolchains from Debian archive.
> > 3. runs emdebuild inside the chroot instead of debuild, including
> > emdebuild --build-deps which relies on apt-cross and xcontrol files.
> I was more thinking on a further step 'debuild -a $arch' with
> apt-ma-emu (always within Debian framework). More than thinking on a
> working solution, think on a 'future' working solution and start
> getting support by tools.

Hmm, should have read Hector's reply before writing the one I just did
:-) Turns out we are in total agreement :-)

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