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Re: Emdebian

On Saturday 29 January 2005 6:06, Bernhard Fischer wrote:
> >I'm surprised to discover the web CVS for EmDebian on Sourceforge, but there's 
> >no command to DL in the Wiki.  And once this is downloaded, maybe the next 
> You can co the source from sourceforge like any other projects hosted
> there; see http://sf.net/cvs/?group_id=5052

Yes, and there's actually a CVS link in the Wiki under "Help Emdebian", which I'd overlooked because I'm not qualified to help yet.  I've got the EmDebian distro now.

> >Seems to me that at this point I should use apt-get, but which packages to 
> >get, and where?  Certainly not the Debian packages, as they'll be full-blown.  
> If for some reason you really would want to use full packages
> (not selectively like with snp), i'd recommend waldi's excellent
> cdebootstrap.
> For me, {c,}debootstrap'ed images are too large, last time i looked. YMMV.

Actually I do not want full packages.  It's OK for the final image to be 64MB.  So I now gather that SNP is the correct way to go?  I wonder what's to get hung up on next?


Carl Cook

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