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Re: Working on dpkg-checkbuilddeps support for dpkg-cross

Hi Nikita,

> Probably s/dpkg-override/dpkg-divert :)
Oh, of course :)

> What algorithm are you going to use for convertion?
A very stupid 'keepdeps' and 'replacedeps' by rewrite_dependencies().

> You know, some build-deps should be kept as-is, and some should be
> changed to -arch-cross. A good alrorithm is to convert (to
> -$arch-cross) packages from lib and libdevel sections, while keeping
> all the rest as-is. But information of package sections is not easily
> available. Converting everything by default and using only 'keepdeps'
> and 'ignoredeps' to override is a bad idea IMHO. It will make these
> lists completely unmaintainable. And 'ignoredeps' will become
> package-dependent.
At first it was important to get a version working. Yes, this stupid
implementation may lead to more maintership.
The idear with determining the section of a package is a good I think.
Using libapt-pkg-perl it should be easy get it working.

> Or probably you are faced by problem described at 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/11/msg00943.html
I'm not sure but I will consider that next time.

Raphael Bossek

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