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Re: Working on dpkg-checkbuilddeps support for dpkg-cross

> Hi Nikita,


> how are you?

Just set up a compex network config for a notebook. It now automatically 
configures wireless lan when ethernet cable is detached, and deconfigures 
when it is attached back.
Non-reentrant ifup/iufdown suxxx...

> I intent to start support for dpkg-checkbuilddeps for dpkg-cross.
> The idear is simple. dpkg-override the original dpkg-checkbuilddeps
> file with a extended implementation which calls dpkg-checkbuilddeps
> after conversion of the debian/control file in sence of dpkg-cross.
> The 'keepdeps' and 'ignoredebs' settings take efect for
> dpkg-checkbuilddeps too.

Probably s/dpkg-override/dpkg-divert :)

What algorithm are you going to use for convertion?
You know, some build-deps should be kept as-is, and some should be changed 
to -arch-cross. A good alrorithm is to convert (to -$arch-cross) packages 
from lib and libdevel sections, while keeping all the rest as-is. But 
information of package sections is not easily available. Converting 
everything by default and using only 'keepdeps' and 'ignoredeps' to 
override is a bad idea IMHO. It will make these lists completely 
unmaintainable. And 'ignoredeps' will become package-dependent.

> An another comment. I saw that you worked on dpkg-shlibdeps for
> dpkg-cross. In my TODO list I've a issue about dh_shlibdeps -l<path>
> where LD_LIBRARY_PATH is exteded with <path> before dpkg-shlibdeps
> is called. Do you considered this issue too in you rework?

I still fail to understand what the issue actually is. Dpkg-shlibdeps from 
dpkg-cross does not need any access to shared libraries to do it's job. It 
only uses objdump on executables.
Or probably you are faced by problem described at 
I'm thinking of 'fixing' this issue, by implementing same undocumented 
logic as original dpkg-shlibdeps does. But I still believe that a better 
fix is to bug all affected packages to stop depending on undocumented 
behaviour of dpkg-shlibdeps.


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