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Working on dpkg-checkbuilddeps support for dpkg-cross

Hi Nikita,

how are you?

I intent to start support for dpkg-checkbuilddeps for dpkg-cross.
The idear is simple. dpkg-override the original dpkg-checkbuilddeps
file with a extended implementation which calls dpkg-checkbuilddeps
after conversion of the debian/control file in sence of dpkg-cross.

The 'keepdeps' and 'ignoredebs' settings take efect for
dpkg-checkbuilddeps too.

Any comments are welcome. As before I will forward my patch to you
for a review as done before.

An another comment. I saw that you worked on dpkg-shlibdeps for
dpkg-cross. In my TODO list I've a issue about dh_shlibdeps -l<path>
where LD_LIBRARY_PATH is exteded with <path> before dpkg-shlibdeps
is called. Do you considered this issue too in you rework?

Raphael Bossek

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