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Re: dpkg-cross

+++ Nikita V. Youshchenko [04-05-28 15:41 +0400]:
> > Hello Nikita,
> >
> > As we are using dpkg-cross as a build basis for the new emdebian
> > (through my Stag framework)

Currently there are some problems caused by the fact that stag-addons
conflicts with dpkg-cross (because it replaces several scripts with modified
versions). I'm working to fix this but in the klonger term it probably makes
more sense to just include medebian functionality in dpkg-cross and avoid
such hassles.

I'm just looking at your latest versions of dpkg-cross, and gcc, nikita, and
it looks like you have done lots of good things that help emdebian on its
way. Thnax very much - it is most appreciated.

> Currently I'm having some trouble contacting dpkg-cross package maintainer. 
> Once he replied me "please send bugs and patches to BTS", but 
> unfortunately dpkg-cross bugs at BTS are kept unanswered for months.
> I tried to send updated package to him, asking to upload my version, but 
> there was no reply.
> I'm not a DD, so I can't make an NMU myself.

Hmmm, I've talkedf to dave in the past. I wonder if he's justbusy. I am
happy to help with an NMU if it is needed.

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