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Re: dpkg-cross

> Hello Nikita,
> As we are using dpkg-cross as a build basis for the new emdebian
> (through my Stag framework) could you please tell me which bugs you have
> corrected?
> Thank you,

Package has standard debian/changelog, with appropriate Closes: notes.
I'm going to look through BTS buglist once more - maybe some others are 
also fixed.

The most important changes are:
- it may handle header-only packages (such as linux-kernel-headers and 
- it has a way to handle non-library dependences (so hacks with equivs are 
no longer needed)

Currently I'm having some trouble contacting dpkg-cross package maintainer. 
Once he replied me "please send bugs and patches to BTS", but 
unfortunately dpkg-cross bugs at BTS are kept unanswered for months.
I tried to send updated package to him, asking to upload my version, but 
there was no reply.
I'm not a DD, so I can't make an NMU myself.

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