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Re: dpkg-cross


> Currently there are some problems caused by the fact that stag-addons
> conflicts with dpkg-cross (because it replaces several scripts with
> modified versions). I'm working to fix this but in the klonger term it
> probably makes more sense to just include medebian functionality in
> dpkg-cross and avoid such hassles.

f you post some technical details, probably I can help with this?
I've either fixed or commented almost all bugs reported against dpkg-cross,  
and my current version (1.14.5) seems to work very well.
It is in my repository at http://zigzag.lvk.cs.msu.su/~nikita/debian/

> I'm just looking at your latest versions of dpkg-cross, and gcc, nikita,
> and it looks like you have done lots of good things that help emdebian on
> its way. Thnax very much - it is most appreciated.

I really wish to become a DD ... could you please advocate me?

Btw, some problems have been reported to me about gcc-cross building for 
powerpc target; I was able to reproduce misbehaviour, and am currently 
working on fixes. One problem was in dpkg-cross (dpkg-shlibdeps wrapper); 
fix is in 1.14.5, but there are more problems, so updstes in gcc packaging 
scripts will be needed.

> Hmmm, I've talkedf to dave in the past. I wonder if he's justbusy. I am
> happy to help with an NMU if it is needed.

I've got a message or two from him; seems he is currently busy with exams; 
also he wrote 
> Feel free to guilt me into uploading the package with patches applied,
> or, if you were a debian maintainer, you could upload yourself.
Since version of dpkg-cross in sid is really broken, I believe NMUing my 
last version is a good idea. If I need to do something to make it 
possible, please let me know.


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