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Re: Debian on embedded...

> Citeren Justin Cormack <justin@street-vision.com>:

> the error I receive is:
>    no DRQ after issuing WRITE
>    ide0 reset: success


When I red your first email I suspected this was the problem, now I have
the confirmation...

That happened to me sometime ago with an old PC that reached my hands and
I thought the HD was faulty, fortunately after some googling I found the

I didn't have any link here now, but I've just googled again and I found a
nice explation of the problem and solution, you can read it here:


The problem is easy to solve you just need to install hdparm and do some
tweaking... and you'll never see those messages again :) (unless the disk
is really faulty but that doesn't seem to be the case)

If I understood it well, you are planning on running linux from usb...
what kind of usb device are you going to use? usb harddisk or usb flash?
If it's flash you must have some considerations regarding the number of
writes you can do on such devices. I recommend some reading of the lastest
messages in this mailing list first, you'll probably find some tips and
interresting thoughts.

Best regards,
Bruno Gravato.

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