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Debian on embedded...

Dear Debian Embedded guru's,

I have been playing around a lot to get my debian running on my semi embedded 
system. One thing that keeps failing is that I receive errors from my solid-
state harddrive and I only receive write errors. But installing the operating 
system is no problem (no write errors at all).

I have tried a 2.2.x and 2.4.16,18 kernels (from debian 3.0 R2)and currently I 
run a 2.4.26 kernel (from backports).

I use the 2.4.26 kernel because I need USB and framebuffer and can't easely 
compile a kernel on that system (and don't have enough knowdledge to copy a 
compiled kernel to that system.... unless I really have to ofcourse) but I was 
hoping to run it on stock debian kernels.

Now my next step is to install debian and setup it completely readonly and only 
do some datawriting to a connected USB plug.

This system is a 128Mb crusoe based system with a 600Mb solid-state harddrive.

The application I have develop is a qt-embedded application runs on that system 
now but the write errors.

can anybody sched me some light and point me to a few how-tos and websides???


<"Windows is not the answer! 
  Windows is the question and the answer is NO!">

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