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Re[2]: Debian router (compressed FS needs)

> Le vendredi 23 Avril 2004 10:46, Dr. Craig Hollabaugh a ecrit :
>> "stripped-down kernel" implies that you need to compile one yourself.

> Building a custom kernel using Debian tools is quite easy, even including 
> patches!!! This is all what Debian is ... easy.

> In fact, "my" problems are related to:

> 1) the Debian beta 3 installer which needs too much disc memory (why? I will 
> try the latest version to see if it is fixed. Maybe I should ask questions on 
> the installer list.)

> 2) to a certain extent, the need for a stripped down Kernel 2.6 image in SID 
> (3 Mb not 38 Mb).

> Vadim script is certainly very interesting and I will try it. But, this is 
> just another Debian installation script. Working on this script can only be 
> in concurrence with the main installers.

This is very much to the point. At the time when the script was
written debian-installer was in much worse shape than it is now.
I played with the idea to integrate this functionality with debian-
installer since then, but then was distracted by writing a traffic-
accounting system for a major provider.

> At my level, I don't know whether it 
> is worth investing time or not. My opinion is not clear.

> Maybe Vadim can explain more about his long-term goals. For example, do you 
> think to work on the beta installer at some point? Or why should you stick to 
> your installtion script?

The long-term goal is of course to have a mainstream debian-installer
that has a flash-based installation as an option (for routers, for
MP3-players, for car computers etc). It is not clear for me either,
if the goal is worth the effort (ie if current debian-installer could
be easily extended in this direction). I am ready to investigate the
case at May 10-11 and on; if you have enough interest and spare time
before that, dig in.

I don't stick to this script _at all_, it is such a small stuff
compared to what others do.


 Vadim Berkgaut

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