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Re: Debian router (compressed FS needs)

> Dear all,

> I am trying to build a Debian router using a mini-itx board, with a 128 Mb USB 
> stick and some 128 Mb RAM. I only need a very few services including DHCP, 
> SSH, ROUTED, etc... 

> I already read http://gate-bunker.p6.msu.ru/~berk/router.html but would like a 
> more standard solution not based on custom packages but the main Debian ones, 
> compressed on file system.

Hi Jean-Michel,

The thing you mentioned does not have _a single_ custom debian
package, only the standard ones. A few packages are recompiled
from testing in order to use 2.6 kernels (procfs, e2fsprogs,
module-init-tools, modutils), but they are standard debian
as well.

AFAIK, it is the only custom debian distribution that boots from
flash and works from memory a-la-Cisco, and still can be directly
upgraded from debian mirrors. I hate to boast, just humbly ask not
to spread around wrong information about my project.

BTW, why do you need a compressed file system if you have 128M
flash and 128M memory? Debian base with man and info pages
included is ~70Mb. Ssh and routed will add a couple of megabytes.
Compression can only make your system less debian-compatible.

Best regards,

 Vadim Berkgaut

> 1) RW compressed FS

> Basically, I would like to ease installation and maintenance using a 
> compressed FS.

> Is there any "rw" compressed file system in the 2.6 Debian kernel ?
> Have you tried to build custom kernels with http://squashfs.sourceforge.net ?
> Are there similar projects to SquashFS included in the 2.6 kernel?

> 2) Cloop based Debian distro

> If SquashFS cannot be used, is there any Cloop based Debian distro for 
> installation on an USB key ?

> Any help appreciated.

> Best regards,
> Jean-Michel


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