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Should we acquire emdebian.com?

Frank Smith (project originator) has pointed out that emdebian.com is about
to become free (it's currently owned by AMIRIX). It would probably be a good
idea to pay for this in the same way that Debian has debian.com pointing to
debian.org, just to stop anyone undesireable squatting on it in the future.
(and to cater for the sort of people who type in <whatever>.com and expect
to end up in the right place).

Any opinions or objections? I'll see if SPI want to do this unless there is

The only other use I can think of is for emdebian-supporting companies to
put pointers to their services there, but I'm not sure this would work
terribly well in practice. We can worry about that in the future when there
is something a little more concrete to support :-)

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