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Re: Debian router (compressed FS needs)

+++ Dr. Craig Hollabaugh [04-04-23 04:40 -0600]:
> On Fri, 2004-04-23 at 03:14, Jean-Michel POURE wrote:
> > Maybe Vadim can explain more about his long-term goals. For example, do you 
> > think to work on the beta installer at some point? Or why should you stick to 
> > your installtion script?
> Your issues, building a root filesystem, are the main discussion of this mailing list. We haven't determined anything yet.

That's not quite true. We've determined a number of things, but few of them
have yet made it to the online docs. That _is_ progressing but these things
take time, especially if you want to do them properly.

We've got a viable cross-build scheme (basically stag) for at least
router-level type systems, but probably not fancier ones where you get into
the sort of probs scratchbox deals with. Some of us are working on
documenting that and building real systems with it to see what goes wrong
with real-world examples.

This doesn't cover the area of overall configuration, but then there are
numnerous tools for that already, such a debootstrap, debian-installer, apt 
and just plain dpkg.

I _think_ debian installer and its udebs are actually just a special-case
of embedded debian (which also has to work in the same package namespace).
It may well be possible to merge DI and emdebian at some point in the
future. We shall see.

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