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Re: New DFSG-compliant emacs packages

This is going to be my last message.

В Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:16:26 -0500, Peter Galbraith написа:

>> Good luck in finding volunteers for that work.  The GNU Emacs manual
>> is a perfectly fine free manual for me.  If you want to prove the
>> contrary -- you'll have to prove that you really care about free
>> software, not to betray the ideals of the Free Software Movement. 
> The above sentence makes no sense at all.  We feel that the FSF license
> for documentation is non-free.  For us to prove that, we have to prove
> that we care about free software?

What you believe has no value, because it contradicts with what you
do.  I think this statement is true:

"Debian distributes any software that is legally distributable."

This has little to do with the goals of freedom and community.

>> can't teach that violence is a sin while beating your wife to death --
>> nobody will believe what you say.
> The analogy is that we can't teach that the GDFL manuals are non-free
> while what?  Writing GFDL manuals?  We don't do that.  What's your point?

The analogy is that nobody will believe that you have "higher
standards of freedom" while you still develop and distribute non-free
software.  If you think something is immoral, you should not offer it
to people.  That said, declaring the GNU Emacs manual as non-free by
people who package and offer non-free software doesn't work for me and
for anybody who has decided to live in freedom.  It is a hypocritical

Furthermore, distributing non-free software is a social problem
(unlike using it, which is a personal thing), so Debian is no
different from any of the companies that have been trying to restrict
our freedom for ages.

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