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Re: Xemacs needs a real maintainer

Quoting Uwe Brauer <oub@mat.ucm.es>:

> > is very productive and Emacs is not only catching up (multi tty) but
> > also brings nice new features like bidirectional editing, nifty gtk2
> > widgets, configurable fringes, and so.
> That is true, the lack of BIDI support is especially annoying, however
> some years ago there was a conference about this issue and people
> working in BIDI were not willing to do anything for Xemacs.

It is too bad.

> I forget to add one important thing of course, the Xemacs package
> system which allows on the fly actualization. Emacs has nothing similar.

According to what I read, it is not a missing feature, it is an
unwanted feature. I'm personaly happy with packages provided
as debian packages, so i don't need to grab the big bunch of
packages I don't use (emacs21-support or alike).

> > That said, both are nice tools.
> Right, both have their strong sides and their weak points, but I
> insist, removing Xemacs, would harm the Debian project.
> But this was not your point of course.

Well, even not using it, I think it shall not be removed.

Jérôme Marant

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