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Xemacs needs a real maintainer

Despite claims that he's around, James Lewis-Moss *still* isn't maintaining
xemacs21 or xemacs21-packages at all properly -- he obviously doesn't have
enough time.  Look at the RC bugs, and note the total lack of comment from him.

He said he didn't want any NMUs.  I don't think that's a remotely reasonable
attitude given the existence of bug #169861, a trivial-to-fix bug which has
been festering for many, many months.

Hopefully debian-emacsen readers can track down and perhaps even make patches
for the RC bugs in xemacs21 and xemacs21-packages (apart from #169861, which
is already patched).

Once any bug is patched and the patches are in the appropriate bug trail,
please NMU the package.  It's best to stay conservative by just applying
the patches and doing nothing else.  If you can get a version which builds
and installs on all architectures, you'll have done so much better than the
current "maintainer" that you'll deserve a reward.

Debian-qa, this is an(other) example of a maintainer who isn't maintaining his
packages, and in fact appears to be slightly worse than no maintainer at all
because he's discouraging other people from maintaining them.  Perhaps
y'all can come up with something to do here?

If this isn't dealt with, I think xemacs21 and xemacs21-packages should
be removed from 'sarge', because they're unacceptably buggy.  This would
entail the removal of three additional packages, but no more (most packages
depending on xemacs21 have alternative dependencies on 'emacsen' or

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