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Re: Xemacs needs a real maintainer

>On 9 Mar 2004, neroden@twcny.rr.com wrote:
>Despite claims that he's around, James Lewis-Moss *still* isn't
>maintaining xemacs21 or xemacs21-packages at all properly -- he
>obviously doesn't have enough time.  Look at the RC bugs, and note the
>total lack of comment from him.
>He said he didn't want any NMUs.  I don't think that's a remotely
>reasonable attitude given the existence of bug #169861, a
>trivial-to-fix bug which has been festering for many, many months.

Right, he does not reply on a regular base to such reports, I
mentioned a small bug to him concerning the compilation of the non mule
package and he resolved this without announcing it.

Besides this minor things, I think the most urgent thing is to move
forward to the >21.4.9 since earlier versions have a bug in the
display engine as I mentioned earlier.

I also think it is a good thing to rely more on the xemacs-packages
system, auctex and x-symbol are examples of what I have in mind.

>If this  isn't  dealt with, I  think xemacs21  and  xemacs21-packages
>should be removed  from 'sarge', because they're unacceptably  buggy.
>This would entail the  removal of three  additional packages, but  no
>more     (most  packages  depending    on  xemacs21  have alternative
>dependencies on 'emacsen' or 'emacs21').

You are kidding? Xemacs is still in some ways superior to emacs and
giving up Xemacs is making debian *less* attractive.

Uwe Brauer 

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