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Re: [Reopen][Solved] Re: Post installation network problem

[Frank Weißer]
> root@tjener:~# host vg.no
> Using domain server:
> Name:
> Address:

OK, so there is nothing blocking external DNS lookups.

Then I would guess the bind service is not working.  No idea why, but do
'host localhost localhost' work, ie can the local DNS server look up

> Shure, I even rebootet tjener to be save

> So I have no further idea, except the

Try 'ps -ef|grep bind' to see if the service is running, and 'service
bind status' to see if the service reported something.  Check
/var/log/syslog for any errors.

No idea what is going on myself, I must admit. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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