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Re: debian-edu-doc: reworking content of binary packages

Hi Frans,

[ Frans Spiesschaert, 2020-08-23 ]
> I think it could also work differently. When a developer prepares his
> software for internationalization, a translator can assume that he will
> welcome translations. The same could apply to the debian edu doc manuals.
> When we submit the documentation for translation (via the Debian
> localisation infrastructure and/or via weblate), it implicitly suggests
> that we find translations of it meaningful. In my opinion it is up to
> Debian Edu doc maintainers to eventually decide whether keeping manuals
> open for translation still makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation. Very convincing argumentation :)
> Adding a "Debian Edu Legacy Docs" translation project to weblate wouldn't
> be that much work, I hope, and it would be clearer for possible translators
> that those documents are more or less obsolete. This would make it easier
> for translators to set priorities.

Right, but see below.

> Back in 2014 when I started to translate Debian Edu documentation, I asked
> for it (https://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2014/04/msg00040.html).
> According to Pere translating rosegarden still made sense, while he was in
> doubt about audacity. At that time the ITIL manual wasn't translatable yet.
> While the latter contains some valuable timeless information, it also has a
> lot of outdated stuff. Also documentation must be constantly updated to
> protect it from becoming obsolete, I guess.

Yes, we shouldn't waste the spare time of translators with outdated manuals.

To come to a conclusion for myself, I've taken a look at the Audacity 
and Rosegarden programs (and at all three manuals).


The GUI has changed over the years and is nowadays translated into a lot 
of languages (menu items, mouse over information), see: 

The Audacity manual screenshots contain a lot of information, but don't 
match the GUI anymore. It also doesn't make much sense if a translation 
shows the screenshots in English. This is the case for all translations 
with (fr) as the only exception.

A lot of up-to-date information is available, e.g. see:

My opinion: maybe useful in parts, but not what you would qualify as a 
manual for users. Keep it on wiki.debian.org with a remark like 
'Outdated, but still useful in parts'. Drop it from weblate. Ship 
already existing translations in legacy packages.


Different GUI compared to the one from years ago, translated into 21 
languages (12 fully translated), see:

While the Rosegarden manual screenshots are available in {en,fr,nb}, 
they are outdated as well. Further, installation instructions (QjackCtl, 
Qsynth, soundfont) are from ancient times.

A lot of up-to-date information is available, e.g. see:

Hence the same suggestion as for the Audacity manual.


The extremely outdated part about Coyote firewall has been excluded from 
the AllInOne page recently, see:

More content could be excluded, e.g. these sections:

But I'm undecided if this is a good idea, maybe better keep it like it 
is now and treat it like the Audacity and Rosegarden manuals.


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