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Re: Problem: Debian-Edu i386 ThinClients

Hi Roland,

[ Roland F.Teichert, 2020-09-01 ]
> following problem:
> Debian-Edu Buster net works fine. Also ThinClients with default amd64
> Image. But I need i386.
> I did everything, described in the documentation. No error messages,
> but the ThinClients doesn't work.
> Messages on the Clients like kernel panic, cannot find /dev/ndb0
> Different thinclients give different error messages. They worked fine
> with Jessie.
> What did I do wrong? Where can I look for problems?

Did you follow the instructions in the manual? See:

If you've got a single LTSP network all clients (i.e. both 64 and 32 bit 
machines) would then use the 32 bit image like it has been before Buster.

> I need them. :-)

Hope it helps...


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