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[report] "gateway" installation for amd64 dual NIC machine using 2019-05-13 image.

To: Debian Edu team


Now, I finished network harnessing
and started Edu test env installation.

In my env will be network isolated (except gateway) three amd64 PCs,

1. gateway
2. main server
3. workstation

This is an installation report about "gateway"

0. Hardware
* Intel 7th gen. CPU aka Kaby Lake Celeron 3865U
* Shuttle Inc. bareborn, "DS77U"
* DDR4 4GB two SO-DIMMs, 8GB DRAM (would be reduced in the future)
* SanDisk 2.5 inch SATA SSD
* Intel I219V and I210 dual NIC

Installation media: netinst edu testing image 2019-05-13

Modify BIOS boot priority on demand.

1. Installation

0. Connected eth0: Internet side, DHCP via primary router.
1. Connected eth1: Debian Edu internal network side,
                   connected to a L2 switch (without any other host.)
2. Started installation by "expert mode" in English
3. Almost default setting except locale/timezone/keymap.
4. Network detect: go
5. Configure network (Internet side): go (DHCP)
6. Profile "Minimal"
7. automatic partitioning
8. root user only; no normal user on this "gateway"
9. Detect disk: go
10. partition disk: go
11. Install base system: go
12. Kernel: "linux-image-amd64", targeted (only needed modules)
13. apt: n.p. only security updates
14. Select and install software: n.p.
15. Use "Automatic security update"
16. Software selection: "standard system utilities" only.
17. Build LTSP chroot: SKIP
18. Install GRUB: MBR, w/o EFI removable media path forcing.
19. Install Debian Edu Profile: LTSP chroot SKIPPED,
20. Finish installation: go

2. Configuration as a gateway, using the manual

0. Initial boot: go
1. Network status: NG, both eth0 and eth1 is not up.

   /sys/class/net shows new style NIC names.

   workaround by: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="net.ifnames=0 quiet"

2. reboot: took VERY LONG boot splash screen, but anyway booted.
3. eth0 up by DHCP.
4. apt update && apt upgrade : NG

   my APT config for personal APT catcher-NG seems not work,
   due to: "-9 - Address family for hostname not supported)

   workaround: disabled APT conf: Acquire::http::Proxy; DIRECT now.

5. retry apt update: NG

   mirror server name resolving error.

   workaround: manually edit /etc/resolv.conf, with nameserver MYROUTER
               -> STILL NG

   Now, /sys/class/net has eth0 and eth1 only (because of net.ifnames=0)

   Reverted the GRUB old name forcing; new NIC name, again.

6. reboot; this time normal speed (fast)

   manually edit /etc/network/interfaces by NEW STYLE NAMEs,
   aka "alternative is to switch to the new network interfaces naming"

   Then modified interfaces file by hand, just like
   by the manual instruction "dhcp:gateway:static setting"
   as much as possible (See my post and the script, please)

7. service networking stop && start: NG

   syslog says, eth0 not found; ignored and proceeded

8. reboot

9. Both dhcp and static NIC are up as new style names.

10. apt update && upgrade: go

11. systemctl status: degraded; ignored

    Keep the setting procedure as "gateway"

    (syslog showed dhclient errors related with old NIC names; ignored)

12. hostname -b gateway && hostname > /etc/hostname && reboot

13. service enable-nat start: go

14. apt install chkrootkit && chkrootkit # no rootkit shown

    This is just for testing WAN side.


* Forcing old style NIC names on gateway has problem.

* Editing /etc/network/interfaces by new style NIC names works.

* Debian Edu LAN ( side (NAT) is not tested yet.


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