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Re: [Proposal-manual] About keyboard layout when installation.

Dear Wolfgang Schweer,

On 5/15/19 7:46 PM, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 06:12:23PM +0900, hoxp18 wrote:
Section and/or Current

"Choose a keyboard keymap (the country's default is usually fine)."


"Choose a keyboard keymap (the country's default is usually fine).
Note: Even if you're installing in English text mode,
       choose your keyboard layout properly (e.g. "Japanese"),
       or you'll suffer with typing some special characters
       such like "-", "_", etc."

While this is true, I'm a bit undecided. Expert users would know what to
do. In most cases a language specific GUI is wanted on the installed
system as well. So your proposal applies only to a very specific
installation for skilled users.

Yes, very specific.

Please forget about this. It seems I just said too much.

Thank you for your reply.


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