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[Proposal-manual] About keyboard layout when installation.

To: Debian Edu team


A proposal for the manual, installer section.

It's about keyboard layout and "C" locale installation
(in English), emphasizing the importance of
keyboard layout choice.

Section and/or Current

"Choose a keyboard keymap (the country's default is usually fine)."


"Choose a keyboard keymap (the country's default is usually fine).
Note: Even if you're installing in English text mode,
      choose your keyboard layout properly (e.g. "Japanese"),
      or you'll suffer with typing some special characters
      such like "-", "_", etc."


Especially, Japanese keyboard layout differs from US layout.

AND, the manual says in "Updating the software" section,

"It is also a good idea to upgrade using the C locale
 to get English output ..."

I personally do installation in English text,
with only timezone and keyboard layout settings;
"Asia/Tokyo" and "Japanese" for each.


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