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[report] Debian Edu Buster 2019-05-13 main server installation report

To: Debian Edu team,

Using amd64 Debian Edu "gateway" (new style NIC names),
Now Debian Edu Buster "main server" has been installed
in isolated localnet.

0. amd64 Kaby Lake 4core 32GB DRAM, NVMe.
1. Using netinst ISO 2019-05-13 image
2. On "gateway" LAN side.
3. GUI install, in Japanese.
4. Base installation: go
5. Profiles: "main server" and "workstation"
6. GRUB installation: NG

   I installed on NVMe but the installer confused
   about GRUB install destination.

   Manually fix on the GUI easily solved this.

7. reboot
8. login as "first user": go
9. Internet connection: NG

   sudo ifconfig shows eth0 as

   http:://www is okay.

10. To be continued...


* Installation on amd64 Debian Edu Buster "main server"
  with "workstation" profiles seems OK,
  in a localnet under the amd64 Debian Edu "gateway".

  I'll do Internet connection stuff later.

* Japanese desktop seems fine; no character corruption.

* Japanese Input seems okay.

(I'll be busy for few days-weeks.)


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