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Re: How to add options of desktop environments for diskless workstations?

Hi Frank,

I installed Mate using 'apt-get install education-desktop-mate'. I didn't
face any challenges.

The results on my thin clients are impressive! I think, Mate is not as
fast as LXDE and Xfce, but definitely better than Gnome and Kde.

To me this is a true option that can work well for thin clients.

I noticed though that the application menu is organized differently from
Kde. Wouldn't it be better to somehow synchronize these things to avoid
confusion among users.

Kind regards,

> roman.meier@gismap.ch:
>> Is MATE also available for DebianEdu? If yes, what are your experiences?
> Hi Roman,
> by default I install all my systems with desktop=mate since wheezy and
> see no mate related problems.
> Kind regards
> readU
> Frank

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