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Re: Impressive GOsa start and log in waiting times

> That's like expected; the PXE menu is only shown if a client is
> connected to the (mixed client) network. The
> network is a dedicated LTSP client one (and clients show up either as
> thin clients or diskless workstations); see:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Stretch/HowTo
> /NetworkClients#LTSP_client_type_selection

Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your patience and support! Things are clearing up quite a bit!

Ok, I have connected my LTSP client to the subnet and as
expected no PXE menu appears. Apparently the 512mb RAM of my LTSP clients
is sufficient to run as diskless workstations. However, I get a black

This does not happen if I connect the client to the subnet and
start as thin client instead of diskless workstation.

Have you seen such behavior before?

Wouldn?t it make sense to get the PXE menu always for the user to decide?

I suspect an issue with the 512mb. Is this adjustable?

Kind regards,

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