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Re: Impressive GOsa start and log in waiting times

>> I suspect a network issue. IIRC Firefox tries to connect to some
>> (Mozilla related?) sites on startup. So as long as you miss a proper
>> network setup (with gateway, see manual) it'll be like
>> experienced. You could try Chromium w/ instead;
>> you'll need to accept an unsecure connection, though.

Hi Wolfgang,

I have added a second network card to my Debian Edu Server and connected
it to a temporal router on

I realized that the new network card took over eth0 so I edited
/etc/network/interfaces switching eth0 and eth1. The DHCP service was kind
of confused after this not allowing the thin clients to start anymore but
rebooting the server fixed this.

However, I think ip forwarding is not working yet. Pings to/from the
router don?t work. I think, this causes the firefox issue to still occur.

What am I missing here?

Kind regards,

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