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Re: Impressive GOsa start and log in waiting times

>> To start GOsa and log into can take as long as 20 seconds. I wonder
>> why,
>> because I?m monitoring cpu load using ?top? and it?s rather idle not
>> doing
>> much. This is especially strange because I?m working directly on the
>> main
>> server eliminating network issues.
> I suspect a network issue. IIRC Firefox tries to connect to some
> (Mozilla related?) sites on startup. So as long as you miss a proper
> network setup (with gateway, see manual) it'll be like
> experienced. You could try Chromium w/ instead;
> you'll need to accept an unsecure connection, though.

Hi Wolfgang,

I found out that our router is on ip instead. Is it therefore
possible to switch the gateway setting from to

Kind regards,

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