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Re: FYI: 8.5 and 7.11 planning

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 08:41:59PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> > > 1. Mounting of homedirs fails randomly. This is probably due to buggy nscd
> > > netgroup caching (791562). As a workaround disable netgroup caching (on
> As Giorgio Pioda pointed out (another thread), the problem still exists. 
> I've setup a jessie based VirtualBox environment from scratch and can 
> confirm that he is right. So disabling of nscd netgroup caching is still 
> needed.
sigh. so we somehow need to address this. I'm slightly in favor of
documenting it (because the fix is to disable a wanted feature
basically) but would also be open to include a fix which does that and
then documenting that.

But as both options seem less than ideal I'm slightly in favor of just
updating the docs. This means the least amount of work now *and* when
the fix is found. (Cause then we would also need to revert those two
changes, instead of one…)
> > > 2. On workstations the automatic setup of remote printers (configured
> > > on tjener) fails (see discussion in 791995). To get it working,
> > > install the package libnss-mdns on tjener and on the workstation(s).
> > > If LTSP is used, install the package in the LTSP chroot as well.
> This is like stated.

cool, fix is in git in the jessie branch.
> > I'm also pondering uploading 1.900 to unstable…
> Cool. That will make development easier.
d-e, d-e-i and d-e-c have all been uploaded to unstable now, I'm just a
bit reluctant to upload d-e-doc as the Danish and Dutch versions 
the brand new stretch-manual as PDF are broken and missing… but then,
this aint a regression and sid is still in development, so I might as
well just upload. (So that we have a higher version in sid when we want
to upload to jessie-proposed-updates…)

from irc today:

 * | h01ger grumbles at the danish manual. i also dont get it. the wiki
     source is copy+paste from the jessie version. the danish po file
     (is like 6 others) just a copy from the jessie danish po file. it 
     worked nicely for those 6 other languages.
<h01ger> | why oh why oh why
<h01ger> | same for nl… 

> > > 3. Automatic filesystem resizing fails cause /proc/mounts contains
> > > /dev/dm-X devices for / (and /usr if on a separate partion). See
> > > 800651 for a patch. 
> This is like stated.

ok, merged into the jessie branch in git.

> I used something like this to fix the jessie systems:
> # Enable printer detection (all profiles).
> apt-get update && apt-get install libnss-mdns
> # Enable printer detection for LTSP clients.
>     ltsp-chroot -a i386 apt-get install libnss-mdns

we fixed those.

> # Disable nscd netgroup caching, get rid of GOsa popup (only needed for Main-Server profile).
> if echo "$PROFILE" | grep -q 'Main-Server' ; then
>     systemctl stop nscd.service
>     sleep 1
>     if [ -e /var/cache/nscd/netgroup ] ; then
>         rm /var/cache/nscd/netgroup
>     fi
>     sed -i '/netgroup/ s=yes=no=' /etc/nscd.conf
>     systemctl start nscd.service
>     sed -i 's/".*"/""/' /etc/gosa/gosa.conf
> fi

we might put this on
https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Jessie/GettingStarted ?!
With a nice warning /!\ ?! :)


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