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Re: FYI: 8.5 and 7.11 planning

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 05:41:00PM +0000, Holger Levsen wrote:
> On Tue, May 17, 2016 at 12:49:27PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> > Yes, on the jessie status page. Elaboration and polishing needed, I 
> > guess.
> quoting and replying to those 3 issues from the "we must fix list":
> > 1. Mounting of homedirs fails randomly. This is probably due to buggy nscd
> > netgroup caching (791562). As a workaround disable netgroup caching (on
> > tjener) in /etc/nscd.conf and remove /var/cache/nscd/netgroup. Update:
> > this problem seems to be gone after the 8.4 point release (with fixes to
> > packages nscd, nslcd and nss-pam-ldapd), see discussion in 785053. 
> so it seems #791562 should be closed with a pointer to #785053? cool!

As Giorgio Pioda pointed out (another thread), the problem still exists. 
I've setup a jessie based VirtualBox environment from scratch and can 
confirm that he is right. So disabling of nscd netgroup caching is still 
> > 2. On workstations the automatic setup of remote printers (configured
> > on tjener) fails (see discussion in 791995). To get it working,
> > install the package libnss-mdns on tjener and on the workstation(s).
> > If LTSP is used, install the package in the LTSP chroot as well.

This is like stated.
> debian-edu 1.812 is the latest version in sid and jessie, while git has
> an unreleased 1.900 version. I suppose it's best to cherry-pick e040352
> (from 1.900) into a new branch based on 1.812 and have just done so in
> git.
> I'm also pondering uploading 1.900 to unstable…

Cool. That will make development easier.
> > 3. Automatic filesystem resizing fails cause /proc/mounts contains
> > /dev/dm-X devices for / (and /usr if on a separate partion). See
> > 800651 for a patch. 

This is like stated.
I used something like this to fix the jessie systems:

#!/bin/bash -e
# debian-edu-jessie-fix
# Fix some leftover bugs (Debian Edu beta release -> final).
# 2016-18-06.

# Get profile.
. /etc/debian-edu/config

# Enable printer detection (all profiles).
apt-get update && apt-get install libnss-mdns

# Enable printer detection for LTSP clients.
if echo "$PROFILE" | grep -q 'Thin-Client-Server' ; then
    ltsp-chroot -a i386 apt-get update
    ltsp-chroot -a i386 apt-get install libnss-mdns

# Disable nscd netgroup caching, get rid of GOsa popup (only needed for Main-Server profile).
if echo "$PROFILE" | grep -q 'Main-Server' ; then
    systemctl stop nscd.service
    sleep 1
    if [ -e /var/cache/nscd/netgroup ] ; then
        rm /var/cache/nscd/netgroup
    sed -i '/netgroup/ s=yes=no=' /etc/nscd.conf
    systemctl start nscd.service
    sed -i 's/".*"/""/' /etc/gosa/gosa.conf

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