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FYI: 8.5 and 7.11 planning


shall we try to copy images away and call them Debian Edu Jessie before
8.5 is released or after?

Traditionally we also need a debian-edu-install upload (to increase the
version number) and a debian-edu-doc upload to polish / finish some
documentation bits. I can probably help, at least with d-e-doc but I
guess also with d-e-install.

What I cannot help with, is further polishing. (And it looks to me that
noone except Wolfgang and (a bit) Mike have been working on only anyway
and I assume they'd better spent time on stretch now.)

So I'm *totally in favor* of releasing what we have now, with all the
bugs we know or don't know. We can then still fix those bugs, but not
releasing because of these bugs is also not helpful, as people are
already installing using the unreleased jessie images anyway.

Plus: summer holidays are coming, it would be nice to have a release out

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with wheezy EOL, we should get a final point release out.  In order to
avoid version skew, it'd be good to have a jessie point release around
the same time, so if that works for everyone let's do them both on the
same Saturday again.

Some suggested dates:

June 4th/5th
June 11th/12th
June 18th/19th
June 25th/26th


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