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Re: New package lists for debian-edu tasks

On 11.03.2016 13:59, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
>> I don't know of anybody. The main problem here is that Celestia itself
>> seems to be abandoned -- the last version is from 2011. Without upstream
>> support, it will probably be quite hard to support this (non-trivial)
>> program in the future.
> Did anyone try to reach upstream?  I didn't.  Perhaps he is just missing
> positive feedback on this great piece of software? :)

That should do someone who actually uses this software -- I don't.

>> Do you have some specific critics? I'd like to improve here...
> It is mostly that I enjoy seeing the screen shots without having to
> click on anything, and the fact that the web page work without
> javascript enabled.

If you switch off javascript on the alternative pages, this should work
exactly as you wish: since all descriptions are unfolded by default, you
get the screenshot as mouse-over. Javascript just hides them for a
better overview. If you like to have this by default, you can just add a
'#all' at the end of the URL.

Contrarily, the screenshot mouseover in the current web page works only
*with* Javascript enabled.

Best regards


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