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Re: New package lists for debian-edu tasks

Hi Petter,

On 07.03.2016 11:11, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> Btw, one very cool program in the task is Celestia, which unfortunatly
> is no longer included in Debian unstable and testing, see
> <URL: https://packages.qa.debian.org/c/celestia.html >.  The reason is
> that the program depend on libraries no longer shipped by Debian.  Do
> you know if anyone is working on getting Celestia into shape for Debian?
> It is very sad if we no longer will have the universe simulator included
> in the future. :)

I don't know of anybody. The main problem here is that Celestia itself
seems to be abandoned -- the last version is from 2011. Without upstream
support, it will probably be quite hard to support this (non-trivial)
program in the future.

>> To compare the two alternatives, have a look at
>> http://blends.debian.org/edu/tasks/astronomy (original)
>> http://blends.debian.org/astro/tasks/education (alternative)
> Btw, what about making one of the packages depend on the other, and only
> maintain the list in one spot?

Sure, that was my idea to join debian-edu. this however needs some
support from the blends package.

>> Please let me know any comments or hints for improvements on the new
>> pages. And shall I keep the original pages as they are or do you want
>> to change to the alternative pages (which is currently used for
>> debian-astro and hamradio)?
> Personally I like the original pages better than the new ones, but I do
> not really have strong opinion on this.

Do you have some specific critics? I'd like to improve here...



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