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Re: some feedback after alpha install

On 26 June 2013 19:23, Wolfgang Schweer <wschweer@arcor.de> wrote:

> I believe that your described network architecture causes the problems.
> (two times tjener with same ip). IMO a test network should be separated
> from your existing network using a gateway, one nic with IP
> attached to a switch connected to the new tjener main network, the other
> one attached to a thin client net of the old tjener with a fixed IP like
> (configured in old tjener's LDAP with GOsa²) and nat enabled

Yes, this was a good idea.
I connected the ipcop to the 192 interface of ltspserver01 (which just
happens to be right next to my test bench), and now everything is
working properly. No configuration required, because I have dhcp on
the external NIC of the ipcop.


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