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Re: some feedback after alpha install

On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 11:53:05AM +0900, Nigel Barker wrote:
> I installed a test tjener behind an ipcop. The ipcop originally was
> serving dhcp so that I could do the netinst.
> After first boot, I notice that tjener has reconfigured its networking
> correctly and is serving dhcp, so I disabled dhcp in the ipcop, then
> rebooted a test client (plain wheezy)
> Now I have some difficulties:
> 1. DNS is not working properly.
> The client on the test network can ping outside the school by ip
> address, but not by name. It can ping tjener by name and number, and
> the ipcop by number.
> The new tjener can't ping the ipcop by number, but it can ping the
> client by number! It can't ping outside at all.
> I'm a bit confused what to configure, because on the other side of the
> ipcop is the real tjener, with the same ip address.

I believe that your described network architecture causes the problems. 
(two times tjener with same ip). IMO a test network should be separated 
from your existing network using a gateway, one nic with IP 
attached to a switch connected to the new tjener main network, the other 
one attached to a thin client net of the old tjener with a fixed IP like (configured in old tjener's LDAP with GOsa²) and nat enabled 
on this gateway. Test clients could be attached to the new tjener's main 
network, if you lack network components.

To test the new network only in itself, just attach the new jener (nic 
with IP and a client to a separate switch.


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