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hardware advice

Dear All,

I am in the unusual situation of being able to perform a major-ish
upgrade, and I was hoping someone could give me some tips.

Our school has less than 100 computers, and probably an equal number
of wireless devices. The maximum concurrent users is probably 50. At
the moment everything slows down waiting for tjener. (lenny on a 2GHZ
opteron 64 with 2GB and one 7200 sata drive of 500GB, which is half

1. switches are currently 100Mbps. Should I upgrade them?
2. tjener.
a) I'm thinking of going with raid0 for home0. What do you think?
b) I can probably get a low end xeon (single socket). Is it better to
use the money to get a higher-spec core i5 or i7 instead?

If anyone has recommendations based on small schools they are familiar
with, please let me know.


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