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Re: TI-calculator packages team maintained in debian-edu or debian-science on alioth?

Hi Holger, Andi,

On Sa 15 Jun 2013 10:55:47 CEST Holger Levsen wrote:

Hi Andi,

On Samstag, 15. Juni 2013, Andreas B. Mundt wrote:
I had a look at the debian-science alioth repository, they use a
subdirectory 'packages' for packaging [1].  So I suggest to follow
that convention and put the source packages in debian-edu/packages/


I'd rather have debian-edu/packages/tic/* - because for "normal" Debian Edu
developers these package have little / less interest and they seem to be many, cluttering the packages view. Similarily I would put the debian-edu-* packages
into packages/core/ and slbackup, italc and others into some other subdir.

Hangon hangon hangon... Git is not SVN. The current projects I see use a very very flat directory structure.

The current structure in /git/debian-edu is:


for packages. For upstream projects there is a subfolder, indeed:


The point with SVN is that you just have one big repo, but with Git every software project / package has its own repo and the developer can sort those repos on his local system as he/she wants. So no need to setup an artificial structure on the central Git sharing point (git.debian.org).

Let's keep things flat on /git/debian-edu would be my vote.

When taking a look at debian-science, I realized that the packages fit
also there (Data Acquisition/Hardware).  What is the better fitting
team?  Any oppinions on that topic?

collab-maint/ is another good option. Every DD is automatically a member and
any alioth user can become one easily.

Any of the above fits well. The question is where these packages are more likely to be maintained (-edu or -science).

For Debian Edu, please use


This sub-project (for packaging -edu related software for Debian) has its extra mailing list where all those upload messages and bug reports go to. This is for keeping the ftpmaster+BTS traffic off the debian-edu@lists.debian.org ML.



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