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Re: Suggestions for student projects? - html5 based remote desktop client ?

[Arnt Ove Gregersen]
> I was unable to access it now,

Something wrong with ghost.skolelinux.no, or on your end?

> but is technology something that needs further development and/or
> exploration so that it could be nice to have students look into it ?

Sure.  There are newer versions of the RDP protocol that could be
supported, and support for Kerberos authentication for logging in would
be nice.  I know recent Windows versions allow RDP to be used to show
single applications (like the X protocol) as a window on your desktop.
That would be nice.  Also, support for 3D graphics would be nice.  No
idea about the scope of such projects, and suspect it had to be done in
cooperation with the xrdp developers.

> Having DebianEdu "thin clients" on table would have been really nice
> :)

Well, give it a go and let us know if it work. :)

Sending the discussion back to debian-edu@

BTW: Your mail program break email threads.  Please get it to include
  In-Reply-To and References headers.
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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