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Bug#602591: allow to choose different IP settings - use case?

[Marius Bjørnstad Kotsbak 2011-07-04]
> But I guess it will break features, like the netboot, if the existing
> DHCP server is not modified to point to the tjeners ltsp images...

It will break a lot of features, if not done right.

In Squeeze and Wheezy, we provide a script subnet-change taking care of
changing the IP network on the server, and as the clients should be
using dynamic setup (might be missing samba and munin setup), clients
should just adapt to the IP setup on the main server and most stuff will
just work.

We could extend this during installation to collect the subnet to use in
d-i, and call subnet-change automatically at the end of the first boot
to adjust LDAP and all other parts that need to change and finish off
with a reboot. :)

Something for Jessie?
Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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