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Re: Report from Debian Med Sprint

Quoting Andreas Tille (2013-03-08 08:53:05)

[related but different question aimed at Holger snipped]

> After having realised that all packages are now really in Debian (I 
> somehow lived under the precondition that this is not the case) and 
> after sleeping over or longish private chat (BTW, I somehow have the 
> feeling that we should publish this somehow to enable others following 
> the discussion) I was waking up with a question targeting in this 
> direction.  You are arguing here that Debian Edu is not Debian because 
> there is one open bug?  Is this correct?  If yes, who does this relate 
> to other things in Debian with open bugs?

"being Debian" and "being in Debian" are different matters.

I argue that even though all Debian Edu packages are in Debian, it can 
only be installed outside of Debian.  Reason for that is bug#311188.

 - Jonas

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