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Re: Report from Debian Med Sprint

[Moving the discussion that was marked "[x] quote me freely" to Debian
 Edu list.]

The background is that I mentioned Debian Edu in an article that is
intended to be published in an Indian health care magazin (for details
see work item 1. of my sprint report[1].)

Hi Jonas,

On Wed, Mar 06, 2013 at 05:42:41PM +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> pdftotext (in package poppler-utils) is a better tool for this task. :-)
> > This paragraph now became:
> > 
> >    There are other Debian Pure Blends like Debian Science, Debian Edu 
> >    (it creates the product SkoleLinux with some additions and install 
> >    media delivered to schools), Debian GIS and others.
> A Debian Blend is a deployment "profile" using Debian.
> A Debian Pure Blend is a deployment "profile" in Debian itself.
> Debian Edu only exists outside of Debian, even if all of its parts are 
> in Debian.  Install all of the Debian Edu packages on a Debian system, 
> and the result is not Debian Edu.
> The official Debian package debian-edu-config is designed as a "bomb" 
> disarmed by default: The Debian Edu _installer_ triggers a set of config 
> tweaks that are in violation with Debian Policy.
> This is tracked at http://bugs.debian.org/311188

The problem is that these internals do not really help the audience in a
paper targeting at non-geekish readers of a health care magazin (with no
focus on software in general and definitely not on Free Software / Linux
distributions.)  I would like to prevent a longish explanation of
internal friction points.  It would help to express in a short and not
terribly wrong way that in a similar way as it is done for health care
there is something for education inside Debian.

So do you agree with my wording above which according to my admittedly
weak memory fits what we agreed upon on a sprint some years ago in
Extremadura or do you want me to change the wording without blowing up
the sentence to much.

> I don't know Debian Science well enough so cannot judge that one.

Debian Science is perfectly comparable to Debian Med - just a wider
focus (with the option to narrow it down to mor specific sciences as
I would hope to find activists for.)

Kind regards


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-med/2013/03/msg00013.html


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