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Re: How to fill Action Button for DHCP with live for Debian-Edu.


On Freitag, 4. März 2011, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> is the gosa-si daemon installed? I am not sure about wake-on-lan etc., but
> I guess that you need the daemon in the background to get this
> functionality up and running.
> So, basically: is gosa-si installed and running on Tjener? I suppose not
> (damn!!!):
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=534303
> So we have a little issue here...

Yeah, but just a little. :-) Wake-on-lan is really nice to have, but I wouldnt 
hold our squeeze release for it. And as the gosa-si package is not even 
available I would suggest to leave this feature out for squeeze, release 
squeeze, and then work on this and much more for wheezy.

> @Jonas, Holger and other DD: couldn't one of you grab the above named RFP?
> So that GOsa SI at least enters Debian. What is the best strategy to handle
> this. I am also willing to adapt packages and upload them via a sponsor...

The bug is an "request for packaging" bug, so do as requested: prepare the 
package, upload it to mentors.debian.net, find a sponsor. Best approach would 
probably to join the gosa maintainers and maintain it with them together.

I'm happy to help with that, but would prefer if we concentrate on getting our 
Squeeze release first. Which doesnt mean work for wheezy should not at all be 
done now, just maybe with lower priorities.


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