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Re: How to fill Action Button for DHCP with live for Debian-Edu.

Hi Andreas,

Am Donnerstag, 3. März 2011, 21:18:29 schrieb Andreas Schockenhoff:
> Hi,
> the debian edu-project has first prototypes of the install DVD with gosa
> ready.
> Download is possible:
> rsync -avzP
> ftp.skolelinux.org::cd-squeeze-test-dvd/debian-edu-amd64-i386-DVD-1.iso
> debian-edu-DVD-1-squeeze.iso
> Please try and help to improve. Someone with greater gosa experience may
> find some hints faster as I.
> My first question:
> In the section Systems on the botton on the screen there is a Action
> Button for DHCP. To do things like: wake up or force localboot  or
> install ....
> It give a error message: Event error Event 'update' is not available!
> Any Idea how I get them work for start disk-less client ... or
> installation. Any config file to show, may be a example for running this
> for fai?

is the gosa-si daemon installed? I am not sure about wake-on-lan etc., but I 
guess that you need the daemon in the background to get this functionality up 
and running.

So, basically: is gosa-si installed and running on Tjener? I suppose not 

So we have a little issue here...

@Jonas, Holger and other DD: couldn't one of you grab the above named RFP? So 
that GOsa SI at least enters Debian. What is the best strategy to handle this. 
I am also willing to adapt packages and upload them via a sponsor...

Any ideas?


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