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How to fill Action Button for DHCP with live for Debian-Edu.


the debian edu-project has first prototypes of the install DVD with gosa

Download is possible:
rsync -avzP

Please try and help to improve. Someone with greater gosa experience may
find some hints faster as I.

My first question:
In the section Systems on the botton on the screen there is a Action
Button for DHCP. To do things like: wake up or force localboot  or
install ....

It give a error message: Event error Event 'update' is not available! 

Any Idea how I get them work for start disk-less client ... or
installation. Any config file to show, may be a example for running this
for fai?


Also I want to use the add on "LDAP manager" but it exports only a file
with 0 bytes. No LDIF file to open. The excel export seams to work but
open office shows not all information. Need I a real Excel?  

regards Andreas Schockenhoff

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