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Re: Wanting to help the Debian-Edu project

Hi Michael,

welcome to Debian-Edu!

On Donnerstag, 3. März 2011, Michael Blum wrote:
> I have subscribed to the debian-edu list, but I wanted to introduce
> myself and my situation, and find out where I can best help out the
> Debian Edu project.


> I am interested in helping the Debian-Edu project in whatever way I
> can.  I am a teacher, currently teaching both English Literature and
> 20th Century World History at a bilingual school in southern Mexico.  I
> have recently been introduced to Linux and the Debian distribution in
> particular and I absolutely love what I have found.  I am working at a
> school which is in the early stages of building up its program and I am
> trying to help them set up a network, running on Debian, for use as a
> computer laboratory.  Because we have limited staff, I have volunteered
> to learn whatever sysadmin stuff needed to maintain the network.  The
> Debian Edu project seems like just the kind of thing I was looking to
> put on our machines.  I would also like to help the project out if I can.

Very nice!

> I am a recreational programmer who is still in the process of learning.
> I know some Python as well as the web-related HTML, CSS, and PHP, but I
> do not think I am good enough at coding at this point to help out on the
> developing side of the project, although I am willing to learn whatever
> languages necessary to help out in that area eventually.  Currently I
> may only be able to help in the website, documentation, and testing
> areas.  I am a native English speaker from the US as well as being a
> high school English teacher, so my English skills are excellent and I
> could help with anything related to English or proof-reading.  I also
> know a bit about website programming (HTML, CSS, some PHP), so I may
> also be able to help the website team.  I also have multiple machines
> and would volunteer some time to testing Debian-Edu for bugs or other
> issues.  If there are other ways in which I could be of help which I
> haven't thought of please let me know.
> Please let me know what I can do to start helping the Debian Edu project.

So, first of all, I have full quoted your mail for the benefit of Gunnar and 
Rafael, who I've put in cc:

Gunnar is a long time Debian developer located in Mexico City, he can probably 
give you some useful pointers about mexican Debian communities. Rafael is 
based in El Salvador and currently translating our manual to spanish. I'm 
sure he'd welcome help. He will also know a lot more about Debian Edu in 
Latin America! :-)

The english version of the manual can be found at 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze - translated versions 
are available in /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc*/ after installing the 
debian-edu-doc-* packages.

As you are a native English speaker, even an high school English teacher, you 
could probably help *a lot* by reading this manual and fixing the worst en_DE 
or en_NO wordings (english as written by a German or Norwegian person. other 
english variants can be found as well...)

If you do want to do so, just get an wiki account and start improving. :-)

Translating it is described in that very manual - you should read that manual 
anyway, as its a good starter.

But then, the manual is sadly currently incomplete, as we just moved to a new 
LDAP administration tool, gosa, which is not fully described in the "Getting 
Started" chapter of that manual... 

This is because we are still busy on finishing our Squeeze release, which 
status we track on http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Squeeze 
This URL I consider the second most important URL for Debian Edu at the 
moment. It describes the status of our Squeeze release (oh yeah!) as well as 
means to test and what to test.

If you could help with testing and reporting things back, that would also help 

You already found the third ressource I'd have to mention, which is our 
mailing list. :-)

About our website, www.skolelinux.org: it's made with joomla and afaik the 
webteam is mostly lacking content and translations, though of course, there 
are always technical things to fix/add as well. 
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/WWW/ToDo is the best intro I could quickly 

So much from me for now, please dont hesitate to ask more stuff! Have fun with 
Debian Edu! 


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