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Re: [GOsa] How to fill Action Button for DHCP with live for Debian-Edu.

Dear Mark, hello all 

how does it go? Thank you for helping in advanced.

On Fri, 2011-03-04 at 08:24 +1000, Mark Pavlichuk wrote: 
> Awesome!  I'm all for ways to make GOsa quicker and easier to install 
> in a "complete" infrastructure.  I'm downloading your effort now so I 
> can take a look.  Unfortunately I haven't worked with GOsa+diskless 
> clients, and I also had issues with FAI (and OPSI), so I'm not sure I'd 
> be much help with that part.
In the moment I can only click the gosa GUI and wounder what
happens. :-)

The gosa documentation is not very helpfully for me.   

Now someone noticed that gosa-si should be needed.

But I hoped that only a entry in the gosa.conf in needed. 

<plugin acl="xxxxxxxxxxxx:self"  class="xxxxxxxxxxx"
      postcreate="/usr/bin/sudo /usr/share/debian-edu-config/tools/ln-create %MACID"
But it seams to simple in the case that the server is a terminal-server.

May be Parent Node: Edit settings, Filename and next server are better choise.
Here we can select a mode, but only the pxelinux.cfg/default.  

So for diskless workstations we may make a copy of the thin client directory?  
I have test this it works. Not nice but a workaround.
filename is: /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/pxelinux.0 
and the other /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386a/pxelinux.0  
May be we can use a template for this?

Or it is possible to have something like this syslinux kernel parameter over GOSA in the LDAP?
DEFAULT ltsp/i386/vmlinuz initrd=ltsp/i386/initrd.img nfsroot=/opt/ltsp/i386 boot=nfs ro quiet 3

regards Andreas Schockenhoff

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