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Re: Can we get rid of network-manager?

Hi Klaus,

Am Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011, 00:37:45 schrieb Klaus Knopper:
> Hi all,
> However, I found that another way of avoiding conflicts between
> NetworkManager and ifup/ifdown is possible by just making NetworkManager
> aware of everything preconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces, and
> actually using this file for NetworkManagers configuration handling, by
> setting:
> [main]
> plugins=ifupdown,keyfile
> [ifupdown]
> managed=true

I haven't know these before... This sounds handy.
My default network manager configuration though only gets activated after user 
login. Does a nm configuration as you propose enable network before the user 
logs in?

So basically, the point about network manager is: do we need network access 
before the user logs (YES: for NFS etc.) and how can this be handled by 
network manager...



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