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Can we get rid of network-manager?


when installing the workstation profile (I tested this in combination
with the ltsp-server-profile), the network-manager package seems to
spoil the installed system. 

First, it removes the dhcp interface by adding '#NetworkManager#' in
front of the relevant line in /etc/network/interfaces:

auto eth0                                                                                                      
#NetworkManager#iface eth0 inet dhcp

Cf. #530024, #612247 and http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkManager for
more information.  

I tried to add the interface again. However, from the log messages I
concluded that NetworkManager was still very active for reasons I'm 
not sure they make sense, because the machine failed to accept the
name offered by dhcp and other faiures. 

I removed networkmanager now (see aptitude log below) and a whole bunch
of other packages we don't want on a workstation could be removed too,
because they had no dependencies left (libnss-mdns was installed). 

After these changes, the machine seems to work. Can we make sure that
NetworkManager isn't installed from the beginning? IIRC we already had
discussions about that issue, but I don't remember the final
conclusions (if any). 
To me it looks as if NetworkManager is unnecessary and only causes
unforeseeable problems and complications. 

Any hints or ideas?

Best regards,


>From the sucessive aptitude runs:

Aptitude 0.6.3: log report
Wed, Feb 23 2011 19:57:56 +0100
Will install 1 packages, and remove 3 packages.
5,431 kB of disk space will be freed
[REMOVE, DEPENDENCIES] plasma-widget-networkmanagement
[INSTALL] libnss-mdns
[REMOVE] network-manager

Log complete.
Aptitude 0.6.3: log report
Wed, Feb 23 2011 19:59:46 +0100
Will install 0 packages, and remove 18 packages.
21.4 MB of disk space will be freed
[REMOVE, NOT USED] dnsmasq-base
[REMOVE, NOT USED] libnm-glib-vpn1
[REMOVE, NOT USED] libpcsclite1
[REMOVE, NOT USED] libpkcs11-helper1
[REMOVE, NOT USED] modemmanager
[REMOVE, NOT USED] network-manager-openvpn
[REMOVE, NOT USED] network-manager-pptp
[REMOVE, NOT USED] network-manager-vpnc
[REMOVE, NOT USED] openssl-blacklist
[REMOVE, NOT USED] openvpn
[REMOVE, NOT USED] openvpn-blacklist
[REMOVE, NOT USED] pptp-linux
[REMOVE, NOT USED] usb-modeswitch
[REMOVE, NOT USED] usb-modeswitch-data
[REMOVE, NOT USED] wpasupplicant

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