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Re: Turnig of squid

On Friday 18 February 2011 15:09:37 you wrote:
> For the users it is not possible to turn of proxy in Iceweasel, all fields
> are grayed out.
> OleA

Hi, Ole-Anders,
Not assuming anything, it would be gray if radio button '* Manual proxy 
configuration' not selected.

If radio buttons are also gray, note which option is preselected to learn 
where the settings are received from, regardless of how Iceweasel was 

Auto means wpad, see Peter's reply.
System is I believe shell variables, try:
and look for anything .*proxy.*

Best luck, Odd.

> Klaus Ade Johnstad skrev:
> >  Fredag 18. februar 2011 11.57.01 skrev Ole-Anders Andreassen :
> >> What happens if I stops Squid, other than no webpages are cached?
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> OleA
> >
> > Tell the browser to not use proxy, but connect directly to internet. You
> > do that either in the preferences as a user, or system-wide through a
> > file somewhere in /etc.

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